Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Disney Video


This project has taken me entirely too long. We went to Disney at the end of April and loved every minute of our time there.  The highlights were: 
*Riding the new Pandora ride.  This ride and so many others had me thanking Heavenly Father for people talented enough to make something so beautiful and exhilarating.   
*Watching the Disney Parades.  Disney has a way with timing beautiful music to unbelievable floats and all your favorite characters.  It makes me feel like I've found a home right in middle of my favorite childhood movies.   
*Finding new treasures and experiences in each park among all our old favorites.  
*Going to Epcot for the first time.
Going on all of my favorite big kids rides with Audrey and seeing her excitement in riding them for the first time.  
*Almost beating Paul in mini golf for the first time.  
*Audrey finding a love for all things Star Wars after riding the new rides at Hollywood Studios.
*Meeting Mickey.  He was so sweet to spend some extra time with Audrey.  
*Having dinner with the One Hundred Acre Woods Characters....worth every penny.
*The night show on the castle.  This is my favorite part of Disney, it's when the magic comes to life.  
*Seeing my family in Florida.  Paul and I both commented how nice it was to have a Sunday dinner with family. It's been a long year without any family around.  Audrey couldn't have been happier spending time with Charlotte.  I have missed my big sister.  I'm so glad it worked out that we got to meet up.  
*Seeing how sad Audrey was to leave.  The second from the last photo shows her with tears in her eyes.  I asked her to smile her last smile at Disney and she broke down.  She put on a brave face and smiled her best fake smile and said through her tears, "Mom this is as best as I can do.".  I can't say I blame her.  It's hard to leave such a magical place.  I think we were all feeling a little bummed on our last day there.  
I'll let the pictures say the rest.